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Printing the farmyard set

2019-04-23 by David

Our new samurai farmyard set has been fully printed, and the PDF instructions finished, so they're going on early release from today. The official release will be just as soon as I've painted them up and taken some atmospheric photos.


But first, some printed photos for you......

£ The complete farmyard set contents, minus some extra earth rows for the field. You've got a big thatched rice store (centre rear), bamboo fencing (right), a wooden water well (rear left), rice paddy (left front), a wooden hand cart (left), and various boxes, barrels, tubs and bundles.


Also included are some basic farm animals - although please note these are not our own models, and are therefore not purchased files. The animals are available on Thingiverse, and are included in this set for your convenience.

£ Many, many weeks of work went into getting this rice store looking just right! The thatch was the hardest thing to model, but the roof prints neatly in two halves, with no supports. The wooden body of the building is printed in 4 quarters (with supports required - sorry!), to use the print lines of the filament as additional woodgrain pattern. That meant the whole building could be printed at a faster 0.2mm layer resolution, and still look good.

£ The thatch is modelled after authentic rice barns from historical centres in Japan, and features elevated wooden beams on top to hold down the thatch.

£ The water well was printed at 0.2mm layers for the roof, and 0.1mm layers for the rest. The stone base is slightly textured, but has been worn fairly smooth by time and hard usage. A small bucket is included, and can be connected to the pulley with a simple piece of string.

£ A popular part of the set will no doubt be this rice paddy, with the rows of rice being either bare earth, ready for planting, or rice stalk stubble. I'll be posting another blog article in a few days about how you can choose to model your rice paddy; dry or wet, young or old etc.

£ A close-up of the two rice paddy versions. Small stones and rocks have been modelled around the outside of the field in places, but inside the earth banks the sides are clear of debris. These were all printed at 0.2mm layers.

The version on the right could also be used as a regular ploughed field, by the way.

£ Here's a closer look at the wooden cart and some of the small accessories. The goal with these was to provide some 'life' to your farmyards, to make them much more realistic. So you would typically find farming tools (the plough and the hoe) leaning against fences and buildings, and an assortment of boxes, bundles and tubs lying around the farm. A stack of sake barrels are also included, carefully roped together for transport on the cart.

The carts were printed at 0.2mm layers, while everything else was done at 0.1mm layers since it was so small. It should look equally detailed at 0.2mm layers, however! Only the plough required supports - everything else doesn't need them.

£ Lastly, a bamboo fence for penning in livestock or simply holding back weeds is also included in the set; with and without bases. These were printed at 0.2mm layers without supports. The few small built-in support pegs at each end can be easily snipped off after printing.


£ Obviously a fence without corners will only be of limited use, so corner sections are also included. I plan to glue one corner to each straight section without base, giving it stability and also modularity.


These will be hitting the paint desk from today!



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Torsten Sattler
2019-05-11 (Sat) 2:05AM

Maybe you could add a single Sake-Barrel file, like you did with the Straw-Bundle.
Would be greatly add to the variety of the Terrain setups.

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2019-05-13 (Mon) 11:12AM

Thanks for the comment, Torsten! There'll be another set of barrels and boxes etc coming in the town and shop set, full of useful stuff!

2020-01-20 (Mon) 16:46PM

Any chance of a gate for the bamboo fencing in future?

David (3DAlienWorlds)
2020-01-20 (Mon) 17:11PM

That style of fencing is really weak - it's the most basic type they used. It didn't really have the strength to support a gate.

There will, however, be a different style of sturdier bamboo fence coming in the Teahouse set, which WILL include a gate.

Bruce Scott
2022-07-26 (Tue) 15:45PM

Any chance of including a solid 1 piece version of the rice barn for 6mm/10mm printing?

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<< Designing the farmyard set PART 2
How to combine rice paddy fields >>
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