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An avid wargamer since my early teens in the UK, I now live and work in Japan in web design and marketing. The wargaming hobby in Japan is still in its early stages right now, so I've always felt a need to introduce this great hobby to Japanese people wherever and whenever possible.




David Millward, in the converted loft gaming space known as The Dungeon (completed 2008)


I started a wargaming club called KitaQGamers (named after my city, Kitakyushu) back in 2005, and have continued to enjoy monthly events here at my home since then, mostly catering to fans of Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy Battle. One of my great pleasures is setting up gaming tables ahead of the events, using terrain to evoke a real sense of story and atmosphere.


That desire to create and explore new worlds has led me to create some memorable wargaming terrain pieces over the years, and with recent advances in 3D printing technology (not to mention much-reduced cost!), it seemed only natural to offer some of my creations to other fans of xenos worlds.


I hope you enjoy these terrain prints as much as I have enjoyed making them!



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