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Necrontyr Warp Portal
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Eldari Walkway & Bridge Set
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Necrontyr Objectives Set
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Necrontyr Command Points / Tokens
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High Elf House & Tower
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Necrontyr Modular Hill Set
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Ned the Necron ready for duty Since we'll soon be printing and selling finished 3D printable terrain models for the Necrontyr range, it seemed a good idea to grab a couple of Necron models to use for scale comparison purposes. ...

Necron battlemat arrived! When the test prints of the Necrontyr terrain pieces start rolling off the 3D printer in a few weeks' time, we'll have a lovely shiny battlemat to photograph them on!   A few weeks ago ...

First power generator complete The Necrontyr Power Generator set is going to be a set of 3 Necron-inspired models, which can be used separately or together, to create interesting terrain or objectives in your games.   First ...