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Latest Blog News

Printing the Necrontyr KillTeam Arena set That was quick! All the scatter terrain for the new Necrontyr KillTeam Arena Set printed without problem, except a little thickening of the plasma parts, that needed to be done to stop the printer mak ...

Designing the KillTeam Arena scatter terrain Fans of the Necrontyr range have been asking for some smaller scatter terrain recently, to populate their Necron tables and give their immortal warriors something to... er.... hide behind. You know, j ...

How to print textured floors with flat surfaces We had an interesting comment in a product review recently, mentioning that it was a pity the Samurai Castle Walls Set didn't have an option to print the floor pieces with flat surfaces on both si ...

Designing the canals Right in the middle of designing the samurai farm set and pond set (and some necrontyr stuff!), I've taken a quick detour into this small set of canal sections too! Oops!!   My excuse is th ...

Designing the farm set PART 1 While work on the BIG Japanese castle is ongoing, I've started some other side projects - the first of which is a farmyard set, to accompany a modular farmhouse building set.   These are th ...


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