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Samurai Stone Walls Set

Latest Blog News

Zen Garden Bases To go along with our newly-released Zen Garden set, we're also creating a set of zen garden-themed bases for all your wargaming needs! There will be 10 designs for 25mm bases, available in both ro ...

Samurai Zen Garden available NOW!! Autumn has finally arrived after a long, hot summer here in Japan, so here are some autumnal pics of the freshly painted Samurai Zen Garden set - available for download today!!     Samurai ...

Samurai Zen Garden printed Well, that was surprisingly easy! The zen garden printed without any real problems (except an adjustment knob falling off the printer ), so here is a photo of the set pieces, printed at 0.1mm layers. ...

Designing the zen garden The next terrain piece for our growing samurai range is currently being finished up, and some smaller test prints have been very successful!   The samurai-inspired zen rock garden will mostly b ...

Print Partner : RMC Gaming We are very proud to introduce our first print partner in the USA..... RMC Gaming out of Ohio!!! RMC Gaming will be stocking our Necrontyr range, and the full range will be appearing on their websho ...


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