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Latest Blog News

Samurai terrain video online! At our recent club gaming day, one of our members went mad with his professional videomaking skills, and put together this AWESOME 4-minute video of the samurai gaming table.   Adam's YouTu ...

Samurai Farm Set available NOW! At long, long last the samurai farmyard set is officially released, in all its fully-painted glory!     Samurai Farmyard Set   ▲ There's so much in this set that it was ...

Painting the rice paddy model Rather strange blog for today... we're looking at the growing cycle of rice, and how you can model that on your terrain boards!   The rice paddy model from the samurai farmyard set comes in ...

Introducing MEDIEVAL CLANS, our new Scottish print partner... Medieval Clans is an Edinburgh-based 3D printing store in Scotland, and they are now selling print versions of our Samurai terrain on their online, ebay and etsy stores! WEB: https:// ...

How to combine rice paddy fields Rice paddies tend to be built on small areas of slightly sloping land (mountain valleys etc), so they are quite often terraced, with the flow of water from a higher paddy field slowly trickling into a ...


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