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Latest Blog News

Printing & assembling the Kitchen Today we'll be looking at how to assemble the penultimate building of the new Samurai Lord's House set, the big two-storey kitchen building!   ▲ Once again, I'll start by saying tha ...

Printing & assembling the Residence There are only 3 more buildings to be completed before the new Samurai Lord's House set is released, so let's take a look at how to assemble the biggest building so far - the Residence!   ...

Introducing FALLING STAR GAMES, our new US print partner... We have a new US retail partner to introduce to you today - Falling Star Games, from New Hampshire.   They're printing our samurai collection of terrain, so if you can't see the models ...

Printing & assembling the Guesthouses Today we're showing you how to print and assemble the two guesthouses from the new Samurai Lord's House set. Both of these models can be printed without slicer-created print supports, and are ...

Printing & assembling the Storehouses Last time we looked at how to assemble the outer and inner walls and gates, and this time we're moving on to some of the ancillary structures around the grounds of the new Samurai Lord's House ...


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