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Necrontyr Pathway & Bridge Set
Necrontyr Pyramid
Necrontyr Modular Hill Set
Necrontyr Warp Portal
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Necrontyr Tombcity Wall Set
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Necrontyr Landing Pad
Necrontyr Objectives Set
Necrontyr Power Generator Set
Necrontyr Obelisks Set
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Latest Blog News

Necrontyr Objectives available NOW!! Need something to fight for? How about our small set of Necron-themed objective markers?     Necrontyr Objectives Set     The set contains one body section which can be printe ...

Adding green lenses to Necrontyr Objectives Last little blog article before the official release of the Necrontyr Objectives - this time a quick "how to" guide about how to add lenses to your 3D prints.I wanted to diffuse the light from the LED ...

Adding LEDs to Necrontyr Objectives   For the new set of Necrontyr Objectives, I wanted to add some green LEDs to the inside of each, which would hopefully be bright enough to see even in strong daylight. ▲ At the local 100 yen s ...

Necrontyr Objectives printed! After some feedback from you guys, the original size of the Necrontyr Objective Markers has been reduced to 75% of the original. It looked like the prototype was just too darned BIG to work as an obje ...

Necrontyr Pathways & Bridges available NOW!! Feel like your Necron board is missing something? Here's a new terrain set to connect all the different pieces together!     Necrontyr Pathway & Bridges Set     The se ...


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