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Latest Blog News

Designing the samurai shops Here's a new set of modular terrain for the samurai collection... SHOPS!!!   Have you ever wanted to fight a battle amongst the busy streets of a samurai town, dashing around and inside a v ...

Temple display board! There's a new terrain board on display at our little studio here in Aso (Japan), mixing the temple walls and the temple bell with the big pagoda, with a scattering of festival market stalls and ev ...

Samurai Ruined Hut available NOW!! There's a new piece of terrain available for our samurai collection - the Ruined Hut!     Samurai Ruined Hut     Let's get dusty and take a proper look inside... ▲ Fo ...

Painting the ruined hut It's painting time, and for the new Ruined Hut model it's going to be useful to get some good real-life examples to use as reference photos.There are a few in the recent blog article about des ...

Printing & assembling the Ruined Hut Printing the new Ruined Hut model was super easy, and assembly is almost as easy, too!   Let's take a look....     ▲ Here are the contents of the Ruined Hut model files. The ...


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