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Latest Blog News

How to use the rooftile panels With two new 3D printers sitting in their new custom-built enclosure, it's time to get printing on some of the new designs we've been previewing over the last few weeks!   First off the ...

Samurai Battle Report - Blood Wedding Wow - have we got a BLOODY battle report for you today!   This month's game was a special story based on the Test of Honour "Attack at the Shrine" scenario. In the rulebook scenario, one sa ...

Designing the sumo ring My goodness!! We have ANOTHER new samurai design to show off today - the Sumo Ring! This building would have been the pride of any feudal-era Japanese town or village. The stone base has steps on bot ...

Customer pics! Here are a couple of wonderful customer pics, by Richard Carpenter. He made this little samurai diorama as a birthday gift for his son, and made great use of the lanterns and pond sets, plus a few lit ...

Designing the samurai dicetower We have a new preview to show you today - the Dicetower Pagoda for our samurai range!   As you can see, this model is an alternate version of the large 5-level Temple Pagoda tower. The walls ...


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