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Your ideas for shops & stalls? It's time to move on to the next terrain project, and I think perhaps a set of modular shops and market stalls might be rather fun!So, what are YOUR ideas for some thematic shops for a samurai tow ...

Sumo Ring video Today's blog is just a quick video of the new Sumo Ring release, on a 360° spin!     We'll be moving on to new projects very shortly, so watch this space for more.... ...

Samurai Sumo Ring available NOW! Happy Halloween everybody! We have one last release to show you all, before October ends. The new Sumo Ring is now available for download!     Samurai Sumo Ring   ▲ How's that f ...

Samurai Dice Tower Pagoda available NOW! The second of this month's new models is released today - the new Samurai Dice Tower Pagoda is now available for download!     Samurai Dicetower Pagoda     ▲ YES, it's ...

Painting the dice tower It's been about 3 weeks since the Dice Tower Pagoda model was printed and assembled - sorry for the delay! You'll be happy to hear that both the Dice Tower AND the Sumo Ring have been fully pa ...


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