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Necrontyr Pyramid
Necrontyr Modular Hill Set
Necrontyr Landing Pad
Necrontyr Objectives Set
Necrontyr Power Generator Set
Necrontyr Warp Portal
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Necrontyr Tombcity Wall Set
Necrontyr Obelisks Set
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Necrontyr Pathway & Bridge Set

Latest Blog News

Samurai Walls! Here's some news for you... the next range of 3d printable terrain will be historical - SAMURAI!!!   At our gaming club we've recently been getting into the Japanese samurai-era skirmis ...

Necrontyr Tombcity Walls available NOW!! The last of the big Necrontyr designs is released today, so why not surround your Necron terrain with this massive and ancient wall?!     Necrontyr Tombcity Walls Set     The ...

Necrontyr jungle board pics Just some pics of last week's 40K game, when we made a Necrontyr tombcity in the middle of a jungle for our Eldar and Chaos forces to fight over.... It made a nice change to play over a bright and ...

Necrontyr Tombcity Walls printed! It's been a few weeks since the last release, so you'll be happy to hear that the last of the BIG prints has now been completed, and will be ready for release very soon..... the Necrontyr Tomb ...

Necrontyr Objectives available NOW!! Need something to fight for? How about our small set of Necron-themed objective markers?     Necrontyr Objectives Set     The set contains one body section which can be printe ...


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