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Latest Blog News

Designing the shrine set Whoa! This new shrine set is turning out to be a biggie!! There's so much stuffed into the set that it could pretty easily cover an entire smaller gaming table, so let's take a look....   ...

Samurai Dojo available NOW! After our release of the small-sized Market Stall set in the spring, today we're going BIG with another large building model for the samurai collection. The new Samurai Dojo set is now available f ...

Painting the samurai dojo The new Samurai Dojo is a large building, but surprisingly it paints up quite quickly, with a few simple techniques. The majority of your painting time will probably be spent on the interior and exter ...

Printed pics of the Samurai Dojo The new Samurai Dojo is fully assembled, so here are some pics of the whole building and all the accessories!   * First, a quick apology for the strange look of the photos. I was running out of ...

Assembling the Samurai Dojo We have some great photos of the new Samurai Dojo building to show off very soon, but today we're going to be working through the assembly process, with some handy tips for you! ▲ This dojo has a ...


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