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Latest Blog News

Samurai Bridges available NOW!! We've been counting down the new bridges set on our Facebook page, with a sneak peek every day! Here at last are all the painted photos of the bridges from the 5-bridge set.... the feudal Japanes ...

Samurai Bridges printed All 5 of the new Samurai Bridges Set have now been printed out, and they are looking gooooood! ▲ Here's the whole set for a size comparison, with all five bridges. From the left, we have:   ...

Designing the bridges - part 2 It's been raining all weekend here, so I spent the time finishing up the bridges for the new Samurai Bridges set. The last blog article showed off the CG renders of the peasant's plank bridge ...

Designing the bridges - part 1 A set of bridges for our Samurai range is underway at the moment, and will contain 4 different bridge types for any type of feudal-era Japanese setting... and in fact they would also work up to presen ...

Introducing OTP Terrain, our new Australia print partner... OTP Terrain is an Australian-based 3D printing store, and they are now selling print versions of our Necrontyr terrain on their online store! ...


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