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Latest Blog News

The Taui Gun Tower is available NOW! Hot on the heels of last Monday's Fusion Reactor release comes another new Taui terrain piece - the Taui Gun Tower! This poseable building is available for download from today.     Tau ...

The new Taui Fusion Reactor is available NOW! It's time for some alien sci-fi goodness! Today we are releasing the new Taui Fusion Reactor for download, so come and take a look!     Taui Fusion Reactor   The fusion reacto ...

Printing and assembling the gun tower Lots of pics to show you today for the new Taui Gun Tower. First of all, here's a quick assembly guide....   I plan to light up my model with LEDs, so almost all the parts were printed in c ...

Painting the fusion reactor Here's a quick guide to painting the new Taui Fusion Reactor, with a super handy shortcut for saving some time on the base section! The base section was the first part to paint, and I saved some ...

Designing the Taui Gun Tower The new Fusion Reactor print is being painted up as we speak, so while you're waiting.... here's a new Gun Tower for the Taui collection! Yes, that's right - it's another pretty damn ...


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