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Necrontyr Landing Pad
Samurai Stone Walls Set
Samurai Torii Set
Necrontyr Tombcity Wall Set
Necrontyr Pathway & Bridge Set
Necrontyr Objectives Set
Necrontyr Power Generator Set
Necrontyr Modular Hill Set

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Looking for print partners! We're looking for business partners to print and sell physical copies of our designs! We're hoping to find one reliable print partner for each of the main global markets (UK, USA, Australia, C ...

Samurai Torii Set available NOW!! The second terrain piece for our growing samurai-themed range launches today, with a two-gate set of torii shrine gates!     Samurai Torii Gate Set     ▲ The set contains tw ...

Torii Gates Printed Both torii gates have now been printed and photographed in their unpainted state, so you can get some idea of their relative size.   The torii on the left is a stone version, adorned with a dec ...

Wooden Torii Gate Printed Work in progress photo of the newest design for the Japanese samurai range - a big, stonking great wooden torii gate!!   Plenty of options for this one; you have a choice of plain or roof top b ...

Trying to compensate for something? Oh holy cow! What have I done?! ...   Here's the latest print off the Tornado, printed up in 12cm chunks - a truly very monumental Necrontyr Obelisk!   Look - there's Ned the Nec ...


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