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Latest Blog News

Introducing GRYM FORGE, our new Canadian print partner... We're very happy to announce our partnership with a brand new print partner, GRYM FORGE, in Canada. They are now selling print versions of our entire samurai, Necrontyr and high elf terrain on the ...

Samurai Pond available NOW! Well, I ran out of BOTH water effects liquid AND time for this 😭, but they're finished enough to take some pretty pics for you! I'll go back again after a short vacation, and add another laye ...

Painting the samurai pond Phew! Finally done! As a painting project, there was a lot to do here. There are so many different ways (many better, of course), but here's a painting diary of how I painted up the 2 new Samurai ...

Printing the samurai pond(s) Wow! This is the 150th blog post!!! Let's celebrate by showing you something pretty damn awesome......   The new Samurai Pond (and all the accessories) has now been printed! Not just once, ...

Designing the samurai pond This design has been a whole lot of fun to create, and fit in as many cool little details as possible! The goal was to create a 12.5cm diameter ornamental pond, which could be resized up to double the ...


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