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Samurai Castle
Necrontyr Energy Monolith
Samurai Sumo Ring
Samurai Street Fish Ponds
Taui Fusion Reactor
Samurai Ruined Hut
Samurai Dojo
Samurai Shrine Set
Samurai Shop Set
Samurai Teahouse Set
Samurai Market Stalls Set

Latest Blog News

Photo tour of the new BIG project Okay, it's time to reveal the new BIG project for the samurai collection...... the Samurai Lord's House!!!   This is going to be of a similar size and complexity to the large Samurai Ca ...

Samurai Street Fish Ponds available NOW!! Our new (pretty big!) top secret samurai project is well under way, so while you're waiting, why not take a look at the little terrain set being released today for the samurai collection... a set ...

Designing and printing the samurai street fish ponds Research trips are great fun, and great sources of inspiration! I recently took a trip to a historical samurai town to take plenty of reference photos for the new [...TOP SECRET PROJECT!!...] design I ...

Customer pics - a rural village shrine Today we have some awesome customer pics to show you! This wonderfully natural and overgrown board was put together by Rob Didur, and shows great use of moss and lichen on pathways and buildings, to a ...

Samurai Town Pics We have a new display board in the studio, featuring our dojo, sumo ring, market stalls and shops. It makes a quaint little scene, so I thought you might be interested in taking a look at some of the ...


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